The Hat Art Club is Turning up the Volume  

It’s time to show your art and allow others to purchase it for their own collections.  You are invited to put a price on your work and make it available in our own Studio Gallery, to be called the East Wall Gallery.


A committee will choose artists from our membership. No one is to be left out as everyone will be chosen in groups of about 14, beginning alphabetically.  No favourites, just determined by the alphabet.  (I wonder why this isn’t a lottery.  Some people are irked by their place when determined by the alphabet.)  I don’t mind being last in this case because it’s not a matter of getting to the food at the end of the line.

We would like to give all artists an opportunity to sell their art pieces, if they wish.

The plan is for the art to remain on display for approximately one month.  All items must be priced and contact information included.

So that is the genesis of the East Wall Gallery.  Next comes the advertising.  I see beautiful cardstock like those of the delightful Victoria galleries with your work on them.


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